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The greatest Escape Game in the World!!

Christmas Special Offer for Journey to the Center of the Earth::The Forgotten City

Starting February 29, 2020, Échappe-toi and Art Souterrain will offer an extraordinary experience in the underground city of Montreal: the world’s greatest escape game! 80 professional comedians and ambassadors will be waiting for players in a new escape game: Journey to the Center of the Earth :: The Forgotten City! An extraordinary opportunity to (re)discover Montreal and its History while having fun and to take an interest in the Festival Art Souterrain, dedicated to the visual arts and the revitalization of public space through the arts.

Thousands of Montrealers walk miles every day through what they associate with simple, dark and lifeless corridors. They seem unaware that they are actually at the heart of a city that has become utopia: the underground city. Designed in the 1960s, each corridor was supposed to be an artery and bear a street name!

On the occasion of the Art Souterrain festival and in collaboration with them, Échappe-toi proposes the greatest immersive adventure to date! A giant escape game in more than 4 km2 of underground. Echoing the festival’s theme for the year: RESET, Echappe-toi offers players a “Journey to the Center of the Earth” to bring back to life this forgotten City.

To celebrate Christmas, so that you can offer exceptional gifts to your friends, we have set up a discount: 20% will be automatically applied on all orders made before December 25th 2019.

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