TERMS & CONDITIONS Echappe-Toi Montreal

This agreement extends to all activities related to Echappe-Toi. By using this website, by completing a reservation, and by using the locals of Echappe-Toi, you are agreeing to having read and understood the conditions presented therein and that you accept, without restriction or condition, to be bound by its contents.

ENTRANCE CONDITIONS: You must read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Echappe-Toi before using our services and before making a payment for the fees of a reservation.

GAME SERVICES: You understand that our game services includes intellectual challenges for your entertainment. This service is not destined to test your physical capabilities in any way whatsoever. You understand that you may interact with your environment but that the game does not necessitate the usage of physical force. Therefore, the game forbids actions such as, but not limited to, running, jumping, climbing, or hitting or any other physical activity that could damage our properties or hurt another.  

RESPONSABILITY: You accept to not tamper or use excessive force on your environment. You will be held responsible for the costs that may arise from any damage that you may cause within our establishment or the property of another person as a participant (this includes, but is not limited to, material damage, the displacement of objects or the modifications of passwords on computer equipment). Echappe-Toi is not responsible for the loss or damage of your belongings place inside the designated locked cabinets.  

CONFIDENTIALITY: It is forbidden to circulate videos, photos, or any other technical information which Echappe-Toi deems as confidential without the explicit authorisation of Echappe-Toi. This includes, but is not limited to, the elements used and disclosed, whether directly or indirectly, through written, oral, or visual mediums.

COPYRIGHT: It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, create a derived product, publish, transfer, distribute or sell information that Echappe-Toi considers to be confidential (partially or as a whole) without the explicit authorisation of Echappe-Toi.  

REFUSAL OF ENTRY: Echappe-Toi maintains the right to deny entry to any participant that it deems to be a danger for yourself, the Echappe-Toi team, or other clients.

MEDICAL TREATMENT: You authorize Echappe-Toi to take reasonable initiatives in case of personal injuries and you accept to cover the costs of emergency medical treatments and ambulance transport.

REIMBURSEMENT AND LATENESS: Since June 2020, we ask players to arrive 3 minutes before the reservation time. The activity must start at the time written on your reservation. After 5 minutes late from the reservation time, the 60 minutes of play will begin and players will have the remaining time upon arrival to play. In the case of a delay of more than 30 minutes, no players will be accepted to play and no refunds will be made.

CANCELLATION/MODIFICATION: If you cannot be present at the appointed time of the reservation, regardless of the reason, you must inform us at least 48 hours prior by phone at 514-907-2200 or by email at info@echappetoi.com, in order for us to be able to offer a new reservation time.

If you do not present yourself at the appointed time, or if you do not inform us 48 hours prior the reservation time, no reimbursement will take place. However, we can offer gift certificates for the number of tickets purchased.

If you inform us more than 48 hours prior the reservation, we will offer a 100% refund on the selling price.

If one or more person is not present at the time of your reservation, the same policy used for cancellations will be applied.

If you do not inform us 48 hours prior the reservation time, no reimbursement will take place. However, we can offer gift certificates for the number of tickets purchased.

If you inform us more than 48 hours prior the reservation: 100% reimbursement of the purchasing price.

In the event of a new pandemic, strike, or other event not resulting from Echappe-toi but from an external event beyond our control, reservations will be cancelled and refunded only in gift certificates of the value of the initial reservation. No cash refund will be made.

RESERVATION FOR A THIRD PARTY: When you proceed with a reservation for another person, you accept that you are making the reservation and that the person will therefore be as binded to the conditions as yourself.

UNDER 16 YEARS OF AGE: Every minor under 16 years of age must be accompanied by the guardian that paid for the reservation at all times within the Echappe-Toi facilities. The guardian of the minor is binded by the terms and conditions for the minor.

NON-REPRESENTATION TO AN EVENT: In case of non-presentation of a player or a team, no refund will be made.

Since June 2020, rules apply for the safety of players and employees Escape:
- As mentioned above, the early arrival time has been reduced from 15 minutes to 3 minutes.
- The lockers rooms at the reception desk have been closed and replaced by individual lockers rooms directly in the suite concerned.
- Players upon arrival should go to the corridor in front of the suite concerned and wait for the invitation to enter.
- Players must wash their hands before and after the game: using soap and water or Hydro-alcoholic gel, provided by Echappe-toi.
- Players must respect a minimum safety distance of 2m between themselves and the Echappe-toi employees.
- Players must be with family at the moment
- Players may wear a mask, which they must bring with them.
- In case of fever, coughing or difficulty breathing, players should not come to play under any circumstances and should stay at home and call the following number: 877-644-4545 (toll-free number 24/7).

SECURITY SIGNAGE: You must conform to the security signages displayed within our locale at all times while inside the Echappe-Toi facilities.

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE : You give Echappe-Toi the right to use surveillance cameras to monitor game and also in the case of material damage to the property or the installations belonging to Echappe-Toi.  

ALCOHOL AND DRUGS: It is forbidden to partake in an activity at Echappe-Toi while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

FOOD AND DRINK: No food or drink may be consumed during the time of the activity.

MOBILE PHONES AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Mobile phones and any other electronic devices may not be used during the escape game activity. They must be placed inside the attributed, secured lockers at the disposal of the players.

DANGEROUS OBJECTS : No dangerous object, sharp object, weapon, knife, or match is allowed inside of our facilities.  

SMOKING:  It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the the Echappe-Toi facilities.

GAME INTERRUPTION The Echappe-Toi employees reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone not respecting the rules therein. All the game pieces must be returned following the end of the game. Echappe-Toi reserves the right to claim compensation for any deliberate attempt to cause material damage to the equipment or facilities. It is also agreed that Echappe-toi may end the game at any moment if the participants refuse to follow the rules imposed by Echappe-Toi or disobey the instructions of the Echappe-Toi staff. No reimbursement, partial or complete, of the fees will be dispensed if such a situation arises.  

GIFT CERTIFICATES: Tickets redeemed after an experience at a centre with a discount are valid only at the centre purchased. These are final sales, no refunds will be given on gift certificates.


Event : Journey to the Centre of the Earth :: The Forgotten City

Below are the general terms and conditions of purchase as well as the general regulations concerning the event Journey to the Centre of the Earth:: The Forgotten City, called "the event". Event organized by Echappe-toi, in collaboration with Art Souterrain.

POINT OF SALES FOR THE EVENT: The official authorized point of sale is by Internet: https://echappetoi.com/en or by phone at 514 907-2200.

TICKET PRICES AND CONDITIONS: The cost of the event is $25/ticket + taxes. Single rate. From the date the tickets go on sale until December 24th at 11:59 pm, a 20% Christmas discount ($5 excl. taxes) is given on the regular price. The event is recommended for children 8 years and older. All children under 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Played in teams of 2 players minimum to 6 players maximum.

DURATION OF THE EVENT: 1 hour of play

ACCEPTED CREDIT CARDS: Accepted credit cards are Visa, MasterCard or American Express. A ticket purchased after a game in the centre of Montreal is only valid in the centre of Montreal.

EXCHANGE/REFUNDS OF TICKETS: No exchanges are permitted. The game time selected at the time of ticket purchase cannot be changed afterwards. No refunds will be given.


If the event is postponed to a later date, participants will have the choice of registering for the new date of the postponed event or converting their tickets into Echappe-toi gift certificates valid in Montreal centre. No refunds will be given. 

IN CASE OF CANCELLATION OF THE EVENTIf the event is cancelled, the tickets will be automatically converted into Echappe-toi gift certificates valid in downtown Montreal. No refunds will be offered.  

NON-REPRESENTATION TO AN EVENT: In case of non-presentation of a player or a team, no refund will be made.

THE DAY OF YOUR ACTIVITYYou must arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes before the time at which you registered with all the members of your team. The person who made the reservation must be present on the day of the activity. An identity check will be done before the start of the game. 

BEHAVIOR: If a participant behaved inappropriately during the event (e.g. blood alcohol level too high, violent or inappropriate behaviour) or did not respect the instructions, the organizers reserve the right to expel the participant without compensation.

COMMUNICATIONS: If you have any questions, please write to us at info@echappetoi.com or call us at 514 907-2200. And be sure to sign up for the Facebook event to keep up to date with the latest news around the event.