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2/6 people


60 minutes

Adult Price

$25/pers. + tx

Student Price

$22/pers. + tx

Going on a cruise?

This escape game takes you close to Montreal in 1580. In this room, you are going to partake in one the adventures undertaken by one of Jacques Cartier’s boats, the Petite Hermine, in order to save Hochelaga’s treasure.

Find the treasure in the hold of the boat!

A great mystery surrounds the disappearance of one of Jacques Cartier’s retired boats, the shipwreck of the Petite Hermine. The ship was a gift from explorers to the people of Hochelaga village in the 1580s. During a storm, the boat tragically sunk under the currents of Sault Saint-Louis (Rapide de Lachine). To this day, the ship has not been recovered.
According to legends, the cursed treasure of Hochelaga is said to be somewhere in the hold of the wreckage. The treasure, a Native artifact with invaluable historical significance, is also known as the “Tree of Life.” For several centuries, many have tried to resurface the treasure, all without success.
Today, a group of archaeologists believe they have found the location of the famous shipwreck of the Petite Hermine. They thus have rekindled the hope of finding the lost treasure stashed in the hold of the boat.
However, the task ahead of them is arduous. The vessel, in a perilous situation, is dangerously clinging to the rocks that saw to its sorry state so long ago. The shipwreck risks sinking to the bottom of the river at any given moment and it can only get worse with the oncoming storm on the horizon.
The fate of the Cursed Treasure is in your hands, retrieve it before it is forever lost.

Your Mission

This escape game takes you directly to where it all went down close to Montreal, just a few feet under the water. You will be transported into the boat with the threat of going under. Will you and your team be successful in saving the treasure of the Hochelaga village before it is too late and lost forever? ?

For who is the game destined?

This game is for any team of up to 6 players.

Additional Information

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