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2/6 people


60 minutes

Adult Price

$33/pers. + tx

Student/Children Price

$27/pers. + tx

Going on a cruise?

This escape game takes you close to Montreal, in 1580. In this escape room, you play as archaeologists called in to help following the discovery of what could be the Petite Hermine, one of the ships of explorer Jacques Cartier, who disappeared in the Saint-Laurent River.

Find the treasure in the hold of the boat!

A great mystery surrounds the disappearance of the wreck of the ship Petite Hermine, a former vessel of Jacques Cartier. This ship had been offered by the explorer to the people of the village of Hochelaga in the 1580's. During a storm, the ship ran aground violently on the Sault Saint-Louis rapids (today the Lachine rapids). To this day, it is believed that the boat was never found.

Legend has it that somewhere in the hold of the ship was the cursed Treasure of Hochelaga. It is also known as the "Tree of Life", an Aboriginal artifact of inestimable historical value. For several centuries, many people have tried to find the treasure, but without success...

Today, a group of archaeologists believe they have finally succeeded in locating the famous wreck of the Petite Hermine. They have thus regained the hope of discovering the lost treasure, hidden at the bottom of the ship's hold. But the task that awaits them promises to be the most arduous as the ship is in a precarious situation. Clinging to the rocks that saw it run aground so long ago, the wreck is in danger of sinking at any moment.

Your Mission

This escape game takes you directly to the scene that took place just outside of Montreal, a few feet underwater. You will find yourself in the boat that threatens to disappear forever.

Your mission:
Save the treasure of the village of Hochelaga before it's too late and the boat sinks forever!

For who is the game destined?

This game is for everyone, from 8 years old. From 2 to 6 players. An adult is mandatory if any of the players are under 15 years old.

Caution: some parts of this escape game may be dark.

Additional Information

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