2/4 persons


60 minutes

Adult rate

$33/pers. + taxes

Student rate

$27/pers. + taxes

Search for the treasure!

This escape game takes you to the wreckage of a pirate ship on an archaeological dig. However, mercenaries seem to be heading to the wreck to steal your research!

You will have to find the treasure before they arrive!

Dive into the history of the Saint-Laurent pirates

Alyx Cobham, descendant of Eric and Maria Cobham, has inherited a notebook telling the story of his ancestors. Before they were respectable people in France, they were bloodthirsty pirates operating in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. When they died, they were nicknamed the cursed lovers. After months of searching, he finally found a wreck that matched the story. He decides to go back there with his archaeologist friends to further his research.

Your mission in the wreck?

You are Alyx's archaeologist friends. As you begin to search the wreckage, cannon shots ring out: the descendants of the second in command have sworn to avenge their ancestor for the Cobham's betrayal and are ready to do anything to find the treasure! They have followed your tracks and are about to arrive! Can you find the Cobham treasure before the Caduc attack?

Who is this escape game for?

This game is for everyone, from 8 years old. From 2 to 4 players. An adult is required if any of the players are under 15 years old.

More info?

Do you know all these anecdotes about the Saint-Laurent River?

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