An escape game for day camps in Montreal

The positive impacts of day camps are already proven. Whether it is to improve confidence, social integration, or emotional intelligence, day camps favor development in children (LINK).

Echappe-Toi Montreal’s escape games answer perfectly to the needs of day camps by:

  • Having entertaining escape games
  • Working on team cohesion
  • Allowing each child/young adult to belong to a group
  • Putting  emphasis on the game and the entertainment
  • Offering themes linked to the culture of Montreal

Escape with your school or your day camp with Echappe-Toi Montreal


How to prepare for an escape game with your school or day camp at Echappe-Toi Montreal?

  • Arrive 15 minutes before the start time of your game. No need to arrive too early as you will only increase your anxiety level. Do not arrive too late either or you might not be able to experience the complete adventure.
  • Prepare your teams ahead of time. This way everyone will know what atmosphere they’ll be in!
  • Play all together! We can host up to 64 players at the same time in our escape rooms! You can therefore all share your experience together at the end of the escape game.
  • Stay relaxed. Escape games are made to provide you with as much enjoyment as possible between you and your friends. They all tell stories about the history of Montreal or its culture. No need to study before as you do not need any specific knowledge to be able to enjoy it!
  • Learn to listen to each other. Success in an escape game at Echappe-Toi Montreal depends on your ability to function as a team to exit from the escape room.

90 minutes of happiness

An escape game at Echappe-Toi Montréal lasts 90 minutes with the following 5 steps:

  1. Reception: Our ambassadors welcome you and your group of friends. They explain the rules of the game. They also give you advice for the best possible experience.
  2. Immersion: The group is sent to the escape game. They are welcomed by a costumed actor that introduces you to the story that you will experience together.
  3. Game: Your turn to play! You have 60 minutes to successfully complete your mission. Enigmas, codes, secret passages, and puzzles to be solved in order to exit from the escape room!
  4. Debrief: At the end of the experience, the actors come free your team if you did not manage to escape. They also respond to all your questions about the escape game.
  5. Photos and departure: The photoshoot allows you to leave with souvenirs of your adventure with your  friends before the end of the experience.

Useful Information

Capacity: a maximum of 60 people can participate at the same time in 9 escape rooms.
Duration of the experience : 90 minutes, 60 of which inside the escape game.
Reservation: you can contact us or call us to organise your adventure with your school or day camp.
Price: We offer a special price for day camps, schools, and community organizations: 15$ with taxes included per child/young adult. We ask for an adult to be present in every game room. This one is free!

What schools and day camps think about their escape game at Echappe-Toi Montreal

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