An Escape Room For You and Your Family in Montreal

An escape game is the ideal activity for families in Montreal  

A study conducted by the national public health institute of Quebec demonstrated that children spend more and more time in front of screens. This can have negative consequences on their development, vision, and sleep patterns. An escape game as a family is a unique opportunity to start an experience together. You can build on it at home with board games or other activities as a family.

Organizing an escape game as a family in Montreal is ideal to:

  • Facilitate communication within the family
  • Create an experience you will talk about for a long time
  • Partake in an activity together, the parents WITH the children
  • Discover new qualities for every member of the household
  • Spend time away from screens to build ties within your family

Our escape game offer for families in Montreal


Escape rooms tailored for families

Our scenarios are studied specifically so that every member of the family can enjoy their experience during the escape game. The youngest members, as well as their parents and the eldest members, can find activities tailored to them.

Whether you are an ace observer, a puzzle specialist, a Sherlock Holmes when it comes to secret codes, or simply a facilitator through whom communication flows more steadily for the group, you are an essential part of the team for the progression of your family within your adventure!

Our scenario “The Lost Treasure of Pier Palaboul” allows young children to play amongst each other if they are under the age 8 while the older ones play in one of our 7 scenarios open to all.

90 minutes of happiness

An escape game at Echappe-Toi Montreal lasts 90 minutes with the following 5 steps:

  1. Reception: Our ambassadors welcome you and your family. They explain the rules of the game. They also give you advice for the best possible experience.
  2. Immersion: The family is sent to the escape room. They are welcomed by a costumed actor that introduces you to the story that you will experience together.
  3. Game: Your turn to play! You have 60 minutes to successfully complete your mission. Enigmas, codes, secret passages, and puzzles to be solved in order to exit from the escape room!
  4. Debrief: At the end of the experience, the actors come free your team if you did not manage to escape. They also answer all your questions about the escape game.
  5. Photos and departure: The photoshoot allows you to leave with souvenirs of your adventure with your family before the end of the experience.

Useful Information

Capacity : 9 escape games. Every room can welcome 2 to 8 players.
Duration of the experience : 90 minutes, 60 of which inside the escape room.
Reservation: you can reserve or call us if your team has more than 6 participants.
Price : 25$ + tx per adult, 22$ + tx per child and student.

It Is The Families Who Say It Best

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