25$ per adult, 22$ per student/child, regardless of the number of participants


Tuesday/Thursday: 12h50 to 23h00 - Friday/Sunday: 9h30 to 00h00 Sunday: 9h30 to 23h00


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After more than three months of closure, Échappe-toi Montréal is pleased to announce that the centre has been open since June 25th and can accommodate teams from the same home! 

We have taken advantage of the past weeks to rework the centre and to welcome you serenely we are first opening 4 rooms.

Of course, this period implies many arrangements to welcome you in the best possible conditions and here's what we've done just for you!

Hygiene measures:
- Training of each employee on the hygiene measures to be applied.
- Disinfection of the rooms between each game and provision of disinfectant products
- Recommendations to our players to wash their hands before and after each game.

Privatization of the rooms: 
All our rooms are privatized for the players who reserve them: you will be among you: friends, family, colleagues.

Reduced waiting time for players: 
To avoid players crossing each other for too long, we now ask them to be present only 5 minutes before the game.

And each player must bring his own mask! 


A new room!! Yes, with the closing of the Laval center, we have moved rooms to offer you new scenarios in Montreal.

Prohibited Diamonds  
The Locker Room
TV Champlain 
The Cursed Treasure of Hochelaga 

The other rooms should reopen soon.


Will you be able to unravel the mystery of these places, illegal gambling room?

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Dive into the heart of the 70s: restore a disused TV studio: an escape game unlike any other!

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Save the treasure of the village of Hochelaga before it's too late and the ship sinks forever!

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The Locker Room

Find the strategy for your Hockey League final and win the game!

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Follow in the footsteps of the bandit Al-Patraz by studying the clues in his cell. Maybe you'll escape in your turn?

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You have one hour to discover what is hidden in the Ixpos old locker room and perhaps find the evidence that will allow to lock the guilty!

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Escape from this dungeon turned museum with the help of a crazy guard!

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The Montreal Rob

Rob the bank of the Montreal mob and escape with their secrets!

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Pirate Duo

Play with only two people without a game master! 45 min, alone on a pirate ship... an adventure!

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The Lost Treasure of Pier Palaboul

Designed for 5-8 years old, children will have the mission to find a chest with the help of their new pirate friend, Pier Palaboul, played by a parent!

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Escape Room Montréal : Unbeatable Prices!


$25 + taxes


$22 + taxes

Groups of up to 60

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Special Events

$25 + taxes


Échappe-Toi Montréal, the first escape game centre to open in Quebec in 2014, offers unique immersive adventures: hosted by professional actors, players take part in an original experience while discovering Quebec's historical and cultural heritage.

Since then, Échappe-Toi - Aventure Immersive has 17 escape rooms around the world, with a centre in Bordeaux, France.

Outside of our centres, we also regularly create giant events in exceptional locations! These are The Grand Escape creations.

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The price is $ 23 (plus tax) for an adult and $ 20 (plus tax) for a student or a child. People who have a valid student card, benefit from the student rate regardless of their age. This rate also applies to minors. We require payment by credit card at the time of booking, either through the website, or by phone at 514-907 -2200
You can play in a escape room from 2 people. If the room is not full, other players can also book, which will allow you to meet and work as a team! If you prefer to play between you only, you can buy all the tickets of the session.
At Echappe Toi, the master of the game is a professional actor who plays a character of the game. He will intervene regularly and naturally in the escape room. If you are stuck, he can also point you in the right direction. For the scenario of the Lost Treasure of Pier Palaboul, the master of the game is permanently in the escape room with the children.
We are an escape game center. Our center has 9 escape rooms that each correspond to a scenario. Participants are locked in one of these rooms and the goal is to escape in less than an hour. For this, they will have to solve puzzles, puzzles and other mysteries to find the codes that will allow them to open the door. All thanks to a story, thanks to the help of a game master and the reflection and logic of the participants.
It is possible and quite easy to park for free in the surrounding streets at your Echappe-Toi Montreal escape game. Just plan a few minutes to find a place.
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