2/4 persons


60 minutes

Adult rate

$33/pers. + taxes

Student rate

$27/pers. + taxes

A horror scene or an escape game?

Warning: this escape game is intended for an informed public. What happened to all those missing people? It's up to you to find out, but you'll have to put yourself in danger.

The tattoo shop has become an escape game

Numerous disappearances have taken place in Montreal. The police are unable to find any connection between the victims. Just as everyone is about to close the case for lack of material, a young detective notices that most of the victims had tattoos from an underground Montreal artist he follows on the networks. Rumours suggest that this tattoo artist is a member of a cult, and that the missing persons are his victims...

Your mission in the shop ?

You are mobilised in a police team to go and investigate directly on the scene. When you arrive at the Blood Brothers Tattoo Shop, it is closed. Can you go undercover and try to prevent a terrible massacre?

Who is this escape game for?

This game is aimed at an informed public (dark theme).

More info?

The tattoo industry is flourishing in Montreal. Read more here.

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