An escape room for school vacations in montreal

Did you know that escape games are the perfect place to spend your vacations off from school? According to child psychologist Nathalie Parent, “When they’re given the opportunity to amuse themselves freely, children are able to develop their creativity, independence, and initiative.” Echappe-Toi is the ideal location to escape and bond as a family during school vacations.

  • Get to know each other better
  • Take some time to recharge
  • Rest
  • Reduce stress
  • Enrich your relationships with your children

Our escape room offer for your vacations in montreal

How to prepare for an escape game during school vacations in Montreal at Echappe-Toi:

  • Don’t forget to reserve, online or by phone, to ensure that the scenario you want to play is available.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the time of your reservation. No need to arrive too early: it’ll just raise your stress levels. Don’t arrive late either: you’ll risk not living the full immersive experience.
  • Relax. Escape rooms are made to provide you with quality entertainment during your time off in Montreal. They tell stories of Montreal and its rich culture. No need to crack open those textbooks; you don’t need any special knowledge to have fun!
  • Learn to listen to each other. The success of your game depends on your ability to work as a team. Avoid coming to play while under the influence; you’re going to need those neurons!

90 minutes of fun

The full experience lasts 90 minutes, with 5 steps:

  1. Reception: Our ambassadors will receive you. They explain the rules of the game. They also provide tips for a successful game.
  2. Immersion: The group is sent to the gameroom. They are then received by one of our actors in costume who’ll introduce them to the world they’ll be entering.
  3. Game: It’s go time! You have 60 minutes to complete your mission. Puzzles, codes, secret passages, riddles. You must succeed to get out of this escape room!
  4. Debriefing: At the end of the experience, the actor will come to relieve your team, if you have not yet escaped, they will explain the rest of the game and answer all questions about the room.
  5. Photo and Departure: The photoshoot allows you to leave with memories of your vacation before the end of your experience.

Useful Information

Room Capacity: 9 escape rooms.  Each room can accommodate 2 to 8 players.
Duration of Experience: 90 minutes total, 60 inside the room.
Reservation: You can reserve or call us if your group has more than 6 players.
Price: 33$ + tax per person for adults, 27$ + tax for children and students.

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