2/6 people


60 minutes

Adult Price

$33/pers. + tx

Student Price

$27/pers. + tx

Escape from this den of organized crime!

This escape game takes you to a bar that serves as a hub for diamond trafficking. This place is actually a veritable den of organized crime. You will have to work effectively to prove this traffic and to arrest those responsible.

An escape game in a clandestine game room

For several years now, the police have been investigating the existence of an illegal diamond cartel based somewhere in Laval.

After arresting a number of people with diamonds considered illegal when they were sold on the black market, the police noted that all these individuals had something in common: they had all been seen several times in the same bar in downtown Laval.

The police then discovered that this bar was home to an illegal gambling hall. This room seems to be linked to organized crime. In fact, its members are the ones who frequent this bar often.

This place is therefore the meeting place for these people, not only to play, but also to negotiate illegal diamond transactions in private.

What is your mission?

Make a surprise visit to the bar shortly before it opens: find evidence to incriminate the people responsible for this traffic. Will you be able to unravel the mysteries of this place, which is both a clandestine gambling hall and a gambling den, but also a hideout for bootleggers? Will you be able to escape with the information?

Who is this escape game for?

This game is for everyone, from 8 years old. From 2 to 6 players. An adult is required if any of the players are under 15 years old.

More info?

Find more info about diamond trafficking

This scenario was until March 2020 proposed at Échappe-toi Laval but the Laval centre closed permanently in May 2020.

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