Champlain TV Blackout - Echappe-Toi Montréal


2/6 people


60 minutes

Adult Price

$33/pers. + tx

Student Price

$27/pers. + tx

Escape from a TV studio!

An abandoned TV studio in need of rehabilitation in Montreal and an owner hopeless in the face of failure. You will have to lend him a hand and support him in order to make it function within the time limit. This is the challenge ahead of you in an escape game that sets itself apart.

An escape game in Montreal in 1972

Montréal, 1972. Quebec is mourning the death of star host Élise Melançon after her assassination in the studios of the TV Champlain station.

The tragedy brought on the closure of the station. It also brought forth one of the longest police investigations in Quebec history. The murder was only solved in 2017, close to 14 years after the events. The ongoing investigation was greatly mediatised. In Quebec, it prompted a nostalgic popularity for the station that closed so long ago.

This wave of nostalgia pushed Mr. Beaulieu to a grand project: the reopening of the network TV Champlain. However, the cultural environment in Quebec has changed quite a bit since the 70s. Finding the financial resources for such a project can be quite difficult. Mr. Beaulieu managed to find a few important investors but has to inject almost the totality of his personal wealth into the project to keep it afloat. Once the renovation and updates of the station begun, frequent budgetary cuts loomed over the project, putting it in jeopardy.

A few weeks later, the investors started to get impatient. They imposed an ultimatum on Mr. Beaulieu: In an hour, they will arrive to visit the studio to assess progress. They threaten to pull funding if it is not functional by their arrival. With his back against the wall, Mr. Beaulieu no longer has a choice. In the current state of emergency, he hires you and your team to make the station operational. Strategic choices await you!
Will you manage to return TV Champlain to its former glory before the deadline?

Your mission inside the studio

You will have to make this Montreal TV studio functional in less than 60 minutes. In order to achieve the task at hand, you will have to solve enigmas and make strategic choices. Everything will have to be prepped and readied before the arrival of the investors.

Will you manage to escape from this room in less than an hour?

For who is the game destined?

Ideally, a team of 6 adults can manage to escape from this escape game in less than 60 minutes.

Additional Information

Info on operating a TV studio.

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