Escape game for you and your friends in Montreal

Instead of the traditional bar crawl, choose an escape game for your friends in Montreal! Playing games is the best way to get to know your friends and to create lasting memories. The philosopher Plato affirmed this among the ancient Greeks. You think you communicate well with your friends? It's time to test your group cohesion in our escape rooms. Montreal is a city with a party tradition. Escape games are the guarantee of a good time with friends.

Our escape room offer for your friends and family in Montreal


How to prepare an escape game for you and your friends at Echappe-toi Montréal?

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your escape game experience with your friends:

Arrive 15 minutes before game time. You don't need to arrive too early: you will raise your anxiety level. Don't arrive late either: you might not get the full adventure.
Be relaxed. Escapes rooms are designed to give you and your friends maximum happiness. They all tell stories about Montreal or its culture. No need to study, you don't need any special knowledge to have fun!
Learn to listen to yourself. Your escape game with friends depends on your ability to function as a team. Avoid coming under the influence of substances, you will need all your neurons!

90 minutes of happiness

An escape game at Echappe-toi Montréal lasts 90 minutes, with 5 stages:

1. Welcome: Our ambassadors welcome your group of friends. They explain the rules of the game. They also give you some tips for a successful experience.

2. Immersion: The group is sent to the escape game room. They are greeted by an actor in costume who introduces you to the story you are going to live together.

3. Game: It's your turn! You have 60 minutes to complete the mission. Riddles, codes, secret passages, puzzles, you must get out of this escape room!

4. Debriefing: At the end of the experience, the actors come to rescue your team, if you didn't get out. They also answer all your questions about your escape game.

5. Photos and departure: The photo session allows you to get a souvenir of the adventure with your friends after the experience.

Practical information

Capacity: 9 escape rooms. Each escape room can accommodate from 2 to 8 players.
Duration of the experience: 90 minutes, of which 60 minutes in the escape room
Booking: you can reserve here or call us if your team has more than 6 people
Price: 33$ + tx/person for adults, 27$ + tx for children and students


What groups of friends think of their escape game at Echappe-Toi Montréal

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