The Locker Room Powerplay - Echappe-Toi Montréal


2/6 people


60 minutes

Adult Price

$33/pers. + tx

Student Price

$27/pers. + tx

Escape from a hockey locker room !

Completely remodelled in 2015, the escape game “Chambre des Joueurs - Power Play” will send you into the world of the Gro’ver Boys. This team from a garage league found itself locked inside their own locker room. They must resolve a series of riddles and enigmas in order to be able to escape before the hour is up.

An escape game in Montreal in 1956

Last year, during the final, the Gro’ver boys found themselves trapped in their locker room by a supporter of the opposite team. In order to claim the record, they must win the Tremblay cup for the second year in a row. However, during the game, Jean Richard, the star forward of the team, is thrown out for high-sticking with only 5 minutes remaining in the game. The Gro’ver boys find themselves at a disadvantage and soon start to trail in the game with a score of 3-1 during the last period. Everything has gone wrong.
Then suddenly, the clock of the arena started falling apart on the ice. The opportunity and time came to a stop! Roars were heard all around the arena… the fans are furious! The Gro’ver boys are rushed into their locker room before the fans start a riot.
In their locker room, the minutes seem endless as they go by. However, due to the broken clock, the Gro’ver boys are lucky enough to have an hour to rearrange their strategy. Defeat is not an option!

Your Mission during the hockey game

Come for the thrill of being locked in La Chambre des Joueurs: Power Play. Here is an adventure where you will have to solve riddles and discover hidden mechanisms. You will also have to find the missing pieces of the puzzle in order to find the exit of this room. You will have 60 minutes to escape and not one more.
This will not easily be done. Do you have what it takes to succeed in La Chambre des Joueurs: Power Play? Will you manage to escape from the locker room?

For who is the game destined?

This game is ideally for a team of 6 adults in order to be able to escape within 60 minutes.

Additional information

Info on Jean-claude Tremblay and hockey in Montreal.

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