Who are we ?

An escape game unlike any other: At Echappe-Toi, we do a lot more than locking groups up in a room. We bring a unique level of escape game experience. A true immersive experience based on the history of Montreal. It will awaken your inner Sherlock Holmes.

Discover a unique world inside each of our escape rooms. All of this thanks to our scenarios, decors, and professional actors, all specific to each of our stories. They are all present to make you experience the adventure to its full potential. All our scenarios are available in French and English.

Come with your family, your friends, your students, or your colleagues and participate in a one-of-a-kind adventure. Will you be able to escape?

Our mission

Echappe-toi was the first escape game to offer immersive adventures in Quebec. It is today the largest escape game center in the country.

Since the creation of Echappe-Toi and the opening of our first room in October 2014, we have pursued the same objective: to offer a moment of real happiness and pride.

The game is based on self exploration and evolution. Playing allows you to progress towards a better understanding of yourself and others. Accepting to play is accepting to rediscover your humanity. And this starts at a young age (LINK)

We create scenarios where participants can play immersive adventures with professional actors. The escape games are based on local historical and cultural themes.

Our Values

  • Games: we learn about ourselves and others through the new situations we encounter by testing original solutions.
  • Creativity: we do not put a limit on what we offer our clients, colleagues, and employees.
  • Service: we work towards the satisfaction of your clients, our employees, and our partners with an open mind and a respectful attitude.
  • Business culture: we encourage autonomy, proactivity, risk-taking, and the spirit of competition.
  • Humility: every situation, day, and person is different. We recognize that we have to constantly re-evaluate ourselves to learn and progress. The opinions of others are our tools for progress.

Our advice for players

This is the essential for our clients. This is not a formula to successfully escape but to make sure you enjoy our games!

  • Do not believe that you have to know every member of your team. The best teams are often comprised of strangers as they do not have opinions or biases towards others.
  • Communicating about your successes is important! Communicating on what doesn’t work is primordial! Otherwise, everybody reproduces the same mistakes and the team doesn’t progress.
  • Every member of the team is important. Remember that that you’re a key part of your group and do not get discouraged. You may end up sitting on a clue, which will prevent your team from escaping.

What you will find inside Echappe-toi

  • A warm welcome: we want you to live an exceptional experience right from your arrival all the way until your departure. Do not hesitate to seek out a member of our team. We love discussing our scenarios (without disclosing their secrets to not spoil your adventure!) and our escape rooms.
  • An original escape game animated by professional actors that play one or several characters. They are responsible for the experiences of our clients. You play along with them, they accompany you through your adventure until your debrief where they help you understand and interpret your journey inside the game room. You can also find them among the different theatre companies of Montreal.
  • We are a team comprised of 35 people and every Echappe-Toi employee participates in the creation process for new scenarios.
  • We are expandingour next escape room will open in Laval and we are searching for new partners to develop our franchise in North America and in Europe.

How does a game play out ?

Explore - Étape jeu - Échappe Toi


Create your own adventure by utilizing your observational skills to discover mysteries and their clues, both of which will lead you to an unforgettable escape.

Play - Étape jeu - Échappe Toi


Rediscover the joy of using your hidden talents to assemble the pieces of the puzzle and solve the enigmas of our themed game rooms.

Unite - Étape jeu - Échappe Toi


Cooperate, communicate, and succeed together. The challenge is inside the game room and your team (friends, family, or colleagues) is your best ally!

Escape - Étape jeu - Échappe Toi


Complete your mission and leave with unforgettable and happy memories of your escape!

Additional information on escape games

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