Your safety, our priority!

Covid-19 moves into our lives uninvited. WE ARE OPEN, both in Montreal and in Laval, since the measures announced by the government on March 12, 2020, only concern gathering places for more than 250 people.

Of course, we have taken exceptional measures to allow you to live a unique adventure without risking your safety and that of our masters of the game and ambassadors.

If you smell like this when you enter our house, don't be surprised!

Everything has been put in place to welcome you in the best conditions:

- Training of each employee on the hygiene measures to be applied.
Disinfection of the rooms between each game and provision of disinfectant products
Recommendations to our players to wash their hands before and after each game and internal communication addressed to the players.

The safety and health of our players as well as our employees is a priority for us.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at 

Which scenario will you choose?

At Echappe-Toi Montreal, we set a different standard for escape games, with a unique and immersive experience based on the history of Montreal. Come and awaken your inner Sherlock Holmes while attempting our escape rooms! You will have to choose from 1 of our 9 scenarios before coming back to try another!


Save the treasure of the village of Hochelaga before it's too late and the ship sinks forever!

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The Montreal Rob

Rob the bank of the Montreal mob and escape with their secrets!

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Save this 1930's bar with prohibited activities and escape from the police!

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Follow in the footsteps of the bandit Al-Patraz by studying the clues in his cell. Maybe you'll escape in your turn?

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The Locker Room

Find the strategy for your Hockey League final and win the game!

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Escape from this dungeon turned museum with the help of a crazy guard!

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Dive into the heart of the 70s: restore a disused TV studio: an escape game unlike any other!

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The Lost Treasure of Pier Palaboul

Designed for 5-8 years old, children will have the mission to find a chest with the help of their new pirate friend, Pier Palaboul, played by a parent!

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Pirates Duo

Play with only two people without a game master! 45 min, alone on a pirate ship... an adventure!

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A specific creation process

At Echappe-Toi, the creation of scenarios follows a process close to that of video games.

It includes the drafting of a narrative based on the local culture and/or history, deliberation on the decors, the creation of the mechanisms (the ensemble of puzzles and activities), and the interactions with our actors.  

All our devices (puzzles, custom furniture, and others) are designed and prototyped at Echappe-Toi with the application of industrial design techniques.

The devices are then produced on site or by specialized local artisans (wood, metal, plastic and composite materials, electronics and programming).

The sound effects and costumes are also specially created for Echappe-Toi by local artisans or a member of our team.

A partner solely dedicated to the maintenance of our escape rooms takes care of ensuring the best quality possible for your experience.