Team Building Escape Games for Businesses in Montreal

You can organize an escape game for your company in Montreal in order to attain several of your objectives:

  • Improve or establish bonds between coworkers
  • Help resolve a conflict or overcome a difficult situation
  • Celebrate good results and congratulate your team
  • Develop commitment from every employee towards the team and your company

Team building games provide your business with the opportunity to:

  • Network, socialise, and deepen relations
  • Work as a team and improve productivity
  • Develop a healthy competitive spirit within the team
  • Have fun together and celebrate successes
  • Collaborate in order to develop creativity and innovation
  • Better communicate and work together

Choose one of our 8 scenarios to get your team work together and have fun! Team building games are not just exciting, they can boost your team’s strength and productivity. In a unique and immersive experience based on the history of Montreal, the players can awaken their inner Sherlock Holmes while attempting to escape! You will have to choose one of our 8 scenarios before coming back to try another...

Our team building games offer for campanies in Montreal


Echappe-Toi Montreal can accommodate groups of up to 60 people, and can also create team building activities in the locations of your choice, for your special events. Contact us for more information!

Steps of the experience

An escape game at Echappe-Toi Montreal lasts 90 minutes with the following 5 steps :

  1. Reception: Our ambassadors welcome you and your group. They explain the rules of the game. The players are then divided into the rooms (2 to 6 players per room), where the rules of the game are explained, and advice is given for the best possible experience.
  2. Immersion: The players are sent to the escape game. They are welcomed by a costumed actor that introduces them to the story that they will experience together.
  3. Game: The players have 60 minutes to explore, solve riddles, decrypt codes and understand puzzles while cooperating in order to escape.
  4. Debrief: The players and the Game Master meet once the 60 minutes of play are over (or when the team successfully exits) for a discussion. This exchange serves as a way to transform the experience into a positive shared moment and to underline what each player contributed to the progression of the team (that’s what all team building activities are about!).
  5. Photos and departure: The photoshoot allows you to leave with souvenirs of your team building activity, before the end of the experience.

Useful information

Capacity: 9 rooms, up to 67 people simultaneously
Duration of the experience: our team building games last 90 minutes, 60 of which inside the escape game.
Reservation: fill the following form or call us at 514-907- 2200. If possible, plan a few weeks before the desired date of the team building activity.
Price: 33$ + taxes per person. 20% discount for groups of over 20

Companies talk about their team building games in our escape rooms in Montréal

Around 40% of our 65.000 annual clients in Montreal play an escape game with their company. Learn about the opinion of the participants on their team building game experience.

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