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After more than three months of closure, Échappe-toi Montréal is pleased to announce that we are expecting you again on June 25th!

We have taken advantage of the past weeks to rework the centre and to welcome you serenely we are first opening 4 rooms.

Of course, this period implies many arrangements to welcome you in the best possible conditions and here’s what we’ve done just for you!

Hygiene measures:
– Training of each employee on the hygiene measures to be applied.
– Disinfection of the rooms between each game and provision of disinfectant products
– Recommendations to our players to wash their hands before and after each game.

Privatization of the rooms: 
All our rooms are privatized for the players who reserve them: you will be among you: friends, family, colleagues.

Reduced waiting time for players: 
To avoid players crossing each other for too long, we now ask them to be present only 5 minutes before the game.

And each player must bring his own mask!


A new room!! Yes, with the closing of the Laval center, we have moved rooms to offer you new scenarios in Montreal.

Prohibited Diamonds
The Locker Room
TV Champlain
The cursed treasure of Hochelaga

The other rooms should reopen soon.