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Chronicles of the strange

My Adventure in an Escape Room Game

Pat Piochée à TV Champlain

Chronicle from Patrick Piochée, aPril 11, 2024

In the frantic routine of my daily life, I lost touch with reality. My name is Patrick “Pat” Piochée, a simple journalist in search of adventure, and unbeknownst to me, I spent a decade in an escape room game rather than at my television station.

For months, I had been working for the renowned TV network Champlain. My life followed the monotonous rhythm of commuting to work, working, coming home, and trying, unsuccessfully, to operate a mysterious camera. But I had never questioned the strange absence of my colleagues.

Then Suddently… 

It was when I looked up from my newspaper that day that the truth hit me like a ton of bricks. Due to the total solar eclipse that hit all of southern Quebec last Monday, I lost track of time and left work later than usual. That’s when I realized that a famous escape room center had usurped the name of our company a decade ago, and the real TV Champlain was a few streets away. Ten years of confusion, ten years of mistaking my office’s address! The revelation illuminated my last few months of work, finally bringing meaning to my confined existence.

I am a simple man with singular passions. This discovery is a unique opportunity for me. Now tasked with a mission, I intend to fully immerse myself in gathering every detail about the lives of the employees, the mysteries of the rooms, and the possible routines. Because, as I often say, “Everything is fascinating when you open your eyes wide.”

The Future Is Bright 

My office is now a fertile playground for observation. Every gesture, every interaction is scrutinized with newfound attention. Anecdotes flood my mind, weaving the canvas of an epic tale that will reveal the intricacies of a decade spent in illusion.

As I immerse myself in my new role as a chronicler of the strange, I realize that even life’s involuntary detours can lead to unexpected adventures. And who knows what revelations the future holds for me as I explore this uncharted territory with fresh eyes and renewed curiosity.

Sincerely yours,
Patrick “Pat” Piochée