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Parents : Spending time with your teenager reduces the risk of delinquency

A third of francophone Quebecois designated family as being their primary source of happiness.

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A third of francophone Quebecois designated family as being their primary source of happiness.

However, in a world that moves increasingly fast, it is not a straightforward task to enjoy  the family you value, especially with children. Social networks, video games, and other digital tablets are also distractions when you do spend time with your family. Even if we spend a lot of time together, under the same roof, we can question the quality of those moments. Moreover, several studies tell us that it is not the amount of time spent together that is important but the quality of those moments (Study Journal of Marriage and Family).

The quality of this time spent as a family is even more important during adolescence. A study demonstrated that adolescents that spend time with their family have a lower tendency to partake in delinquent activities. The study confirms that is important to spend quality time as a family.

An example of a quality activity that you can participate in with your kids is an immersive adventure game. During an escape game, the participants leave their cellphones and other distracting objects outside of the room. No more social networks and no more cellphones. Attention is completely concentrated on the team. During an hour, the members of the family will play together, communicate, and work towards the common objective of escaping the room. This activity serves as a support for communication, allows you to change your routine, and create original memories together.

So parents, when have you last shared a bonding moment with your children? If you have had enough of seeing your teenagers in front a screen, you can now offer a new activity. Echappe-Toi welcomes you as a family during both the week and the weekend!