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Escape Room: The Family Activity Not To Be Missed!

Looking for family activities in Montreal? Echappe-Toi invites you to participate in an immersive adventure that will allow you to spend magical and stimulating moments with your loved ones.

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In this family activity in Montreal, you will:

  • Elucidate mysterious puzzles
  • Analyze clues and interview witnesses
  • Find a hidden treasure
  • Discover amazing characters
  • Try to escape from prison
  • Find criminals
  • Etc.

In this family activity in Montréal, you can play detective like in a spy movie! Furthermore, our escape game is one of the best family activities in Montreal to help strengthen your family ties.

The scenarios are captivating for adults, teenagers and children alike. Simply for a fun time or as a birthday party, an escape game is a great idea. This family activity in Montreal will please everyone!

Choose Your Scenario

Escape games are not like other family activities in Montreal: you are the center of the action in a captivating story!

Scenarios for Everyone, From Age of 8 Years

The scenarios of this family activity in Montreal are for everyone, from the age of 8 years.

  • The cursed treasure of Hochelaga: This escape game takes you close to Montreal in 1580. You will try to save Hochelaga’s treasure on one of Jacques Cartier’s boats, the Petite Hermine.
  • Al-Patraz Dessapearance : After his escape, a famous prisoner left behind several clues in his prison cell. You have to find the clues and decrypt the messages, then escape and try to find him!
  • The Montreal Rob : while robbing a bank (under the orders of the Canadian Secret Service), you are going to put an end to the activities of the Montreal mafia. Hopefully, you will escape with the money!
  • Prohibition – Heads on Tails : A Montreal cabaret (host to illegal activities) is about to be closed by the police, unless you expose the informant and find a way to escape!
  • The locker room – Power play : Your family will go back to 1956, as a hockey team that found itself locked inside its own locker room…
  • The Dongeons of Pied-du-Couran: Your family is visiting an old prison when the disturbed guard decides to lock you up in one of the cells! Will you be able to escape?
  • Champlain TV – Blackout : after the assassination of the star host in the studio of the a TV station in 1972, the abandoned studio is in need of rehabilitation. You will have to make it function within the time limit!

You can choose a different scenario for each visit to Echappe-Toi. Our escape games are always a fun family activity to do in Montreal.

Scenarios For The 5 to 11 Year Olds

The 5 to 11 year olds can try to find The lost treasure of Pier Palaboule, a fun pirate game for treasure hunters!

Book Your Escape Game Now!

Few family activities in Montreal will allow you to have fun while learning about historic facts! Contact us by email or phone, or book now one of the greatest family activities in Montreal!