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2/6 people


60 minutes

Adult Price

$25/pers. + tx

Student Price

$22/pers. + tx

Escape from a bar!

This escape game takes you to a bar in Montreal. This bar, officially a cabaret, is also host to other illegal activities. The police was made aware of the facts by a mysterious informant. You will have to expose him in order to escape without getting arrested by the police and to save the bar from its imminent closure.

An escape game in Montreal in 1938

It is saturday June 18th, 1938 during the evening. The party is at its height in the streets of Montreal, the new capital of vice. The Tripot is the most popular clandestin bar of the Saint-Laurent Avenue. It generally offers all sorts of entertainment ranging from comedic cabarets to swing dance nights. Its clients come to spend the entire night dancing.

The Tripot is known in Montreal for its famous performance hall. However, for the last few months, it has been suspected of hosting illegal gambling and betting activities within its walls.

The owner was interrogated several times by the agents of the Montreal Police. He denies every accusation brought up against him. Despite this, a large amount of damning evidence has been transmitted to the police by a mysterious informant.

Tonight, a famous jazz band is set to star at the Tripot while the police is starting to circle-in on the owner. We can only hope that the recent investigations don’t ruin the party!

Your mission inside the bar

You have one hour before the police arrives with its search warrants. One hour to discover who is this mysterious informant. Will you be able to escape from the police and save your night inside the Tripot? Will you manage to break free from this bar escape room?

Your mission:
Save this 1930s bar from illegal activities and escape from the police!

For who is the game destined?

This game is for everyone, from 8 years old. From 2 to 6 players. An adult is mandatory if any of the players are under 15 years old.

Additional Information

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