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4/6 children


45 minutes

Weekday Price

100$+tx reception room (4-6 children)


120$+tx reception room (4-6 children)

Escape from a ship!

Echappe-Toi Montreal offers an unforgettable experience for children for a duration of one hour. In this escape game, specially conceived for children, the assigned mission is to recover a chest containing a lost treasure. Finding it will allow them to escape from the ship with your help. In this escape game, YOU are the game master / captain / famous pirat Pier Palaboul

An escape game for kids

Echappe-Toi Montreal created a pirate-themed adventure and decor specially adapted for young detectives. In collaboration with Mathilde Lucet, a family and marital therapist, this escape game was perfected: “We thought up a scenario that favors cognitive and emotional development for children by offering an imaginary voyage. This experience taps into all their senses and different areas of the brain.”
Enthusiasm tied to the idea of discovering a lost treasure motivates children. It is around this that team spirit, listening skills, effort, and resilience that cohesion occurs to their greatest pleasure.

Your mission around the lost treasure

This escape game, created by Echappe-Toi Montreal, includes four different games. To find the lost treasure chest, children will have to participate in a odor lottery, a mix and match, a labyrinth, and a message to decrypt with the aid of a magnifying glass. They will also have to solve surprising and fun enigmas and decipher coded messages. The role of the game master was specially created in order to craft an unforgettable experience for children and to help discover the lost treasure.

Will they manage to find the lost treasure and escape from this room in less than an hour? Of course, with your help!

For who is game destined?

This escape game is aimed towards children from 5 to 9 years old. Every game room can accommodate a maximum of 6 children.

Additional Information

Weekend price: 120$ for a room
Weekday price: 100$ for a room
A reception room is also available for 50$ where you can host your birthday party. You can also follow the game as it goes on through our cameras and watch the children as they find the lost treasure of Pier Palaboul.
To make a reservation, please call us at 514-907-2200. We will make the reservation with you and give you everything (including the leaflet to prepare for the game). You will suit up as a pirat (if you want) when you arrive and live an unforgottable experience with the kids!
Every reservation must be made at least 48 hours before the date of game.

Info on pirates.

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