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Echappe-Toi for an adventurous journey: a babysitter & child outing!

Echappe-Toi (Escape yourself) is to be taken literally as well as figuratively. It’s THE escape game that will immerse you in the history of Quebec. It delights families, friends, businesses to solve large-scale mysteries. 

All rooms are suitable for children of at least 8 years old. It seemed therefore logical to positively answer to Babysits’ collaboration request, a babysitting platform fostering the bond between babysitters and children. 

Thanks to the activities offered by Echappe-Toi, children and their baby-sitter will be able to deduce, reflect and analyze the elements made available to them in order to escape in the allotted time. You will bring to the child very important analytical skills for their future life and their intellectual development.

Have you ever noticed how children are always more receptive to challenges? Elementary! They love to test their abilities and push their limits. If the mission is a success, we can already imagine our children smiling from ear to ear. Successfully completing a challenge improves the child’s self-esteem and morale, reducing the risk of depression or delinquency.

For Echappe-Toi, escape game means immersion game! The child and the babysitter will be enchanted by the uniqueness of this escape game by interacting with a plurality of actors for an optimal situation. You will probably embody a character that the child will create or be inspired by. Alternatively, if you are a big kid, that you will shape yourself. This outing will allow the child to develop their imagination, and the babysitter to feel like a child again.

Any mission requires teammates to be carried out effectively! Heroes and anti-heroes all have their sidekicks to solve mysteries, save the world or carry out a Machiavellian plan! The child will quickly understand that everyone will have to participate in order to succeed in their mission, and will learn to trust the judgment of others, to consider the ideas of others and to listen. Echappe-Toi transmits essential values ​​for the child such as living together, supporting each other, humility, listening, debating and tolerance, all vectors of a good team spirit.

Every child dreams of finding THE perfect babysitter or nanny. Now imagine that their dream comes true. With the unique experience of Echappe-Toi, babysitters now have the perfect idea for an activity to do with a child. Going on an adventure with the child you’re looking after will allow you to create a strong bond between the babysitter and the child and to develop this long-sought connection. If you are a parent, no worries! You now have an activity suggestion for your nanny or babysitter! Your children will be delighted and you will be reassured knowing that your children will continue to learn a lot of things with their nanny or babysitter.

Did this article make you want to be a babysitter or a nanny? You can do it easily on this free babysitting platform. If you are a parent and love the idea, you can look for a babysitter or nanny among the numerous motivated people on that platform mentioned before and tell them about Echappe-Toi!”

An article written by Babysits.