October 31, 2019




Archaeological Remains

An adventure at the Museum for a unique Halloween evening!

On October 31, 2019, The Grand Escape and Pointe-à-Callière offered a giant escape game in the archaeological remains of the Museum to free the cursed governor of Montréal from his curse ...

A party and a giant escape game on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of Echappe-toi!

Welcomed to Pointe-à-Callière to the sound of a DJ, players could enjoy free drinks offered by our sponsors - Belle Gueule and 1642Orange - before rushing into the remains of Pointe-à-Callière as a team with their game booklet. They had to answer various riddles while passing through the first Catholic cemetery in Ville-Marie, the first collector sewer in North America or walking on the remains of Fort Ville-Marie. Along the way, they met various characters and discovered clues that allowed them to escape from the Museum and free the evil spirit! A complete 2-hour experience!

Who was this escape game for?

This game was only for 18 years old and over.

More information?

You will find more information about Pointe-à-Callière here.