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2/4 people


60 minutes

Adult Price

$30/pers. + tx

Student Price

$25/pers. + tx

Escape from the bank!

While robbing a bank under the orders of the Canadian Secret Service, you are going to put an end to the underworld dealings of the Montreal mafia. You have 60 minutes, and not one more, to escape with their money and secrets.

A Montreal escape game in 2000

The Heirs of the Black Hand Mob have reached the number one spot amongst Montreal mobs. Despite their vast network of police and political protection, the Canadian Secret Service wants to put an end to their reign by robbing their bank. It is currently used as a means to launder their money and to stockpile precious bits of information. This sensitive information is one of the keys that will aid in shutting them down.

You are professional bank robbers, some might even say the best in Montreal. Caught by the Canadian Secret Service, you are looking for a way to go back to your regular way of life.

The Canadian Secret Service offers you a contract, the last heist of your career. The objective is to rob the bank of the Heirs of the Black Hand in Montreal. In exchange for your cooperation, and your success, your record will be wiped clean. You will finally return to normalcy.

Your mission inside the bank

Today is a special day: the Canadian Secret Service received Intel that a large cash transfer is going to take place at midnight tonight. It is 22h59. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rob the bank and escape with the money and information on the Heirs of the Black Hand. You have 1 hour to pull off the greatest bank heist of your career.

Your mission:
Rob the mob bank in Montreal and escape with their secrets...

For who is the game destined?

This game is for everyone, from 8 years old. From 2 to 4 players. An adult is mandatory if any of the players are under 15 years old.
Please note that this room is for a maximum of 4 players.

Additional information

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