An exceptional escape

Échappe-toi is Montreal’s first and largest escape room. All scenarios are offered in French and English. At Échappe-toi, we don’t just lock your group in a room. We take the escape game experience to a whole new level with a unique, immersive, Montreal-specific activity that will awaken your mind and challenge your inner Sherlock Holmes. Each of our escape rooms is a world in itself, featuring a unique scenario and complete with a themed physical space and professional actors to guide you through your escape adventure.

Grab your family, friends, students, or coworkers and experience an escape game like no other. Do you have what it takes to escape?

Mission Statement

We were the first Escape Adventure in Quebec and the Montreal facility is one of the finest in the country. Since the creation of Echappe Toi and the opening of our first room in October 2014, we continue to pursue the same goal: to offer our clients a moment of happiness and of pride. Our company provides guidance in order to ensure the immersive adventures are a source of great self-knowledge. Accepting to play is to accept to (re) discover one’s humanity

We create scenarios where the players can explore immersives adventures with professional actors. Our Escape themes are Montreal specific and explore the rich heritage and history of our city.

Our Values

Play: We learn about ourselves and others in the new situations where we encounter unique and creative solutions.

Creativity: We don’t put limits on what we offer our clients, colleagues, and employees.

Service: We work with an open-minded and respectful attitude, not only for our own satisfaction, but above all, for that of others.

Entrepreneurship: We promote self-reliance, proactivity, calculated risk-taking, and a competitive spirit.

Humility: Every situation, every day, with every person is new experience, so we are willing to challenge ourselves constantly in order to progress and learn. We accept the advice and observations of others as tools to encourage and support our evolution.

We have learned from our clients that success is not measured by quickly escaping from the scenario, but rather enjoying the journey.

There are many other lessons to learn within our escape adventures:

– Do not assume that you know everything about members of your group or team. The best teams are often made up of strangers, because they do not have predetermined assumption of the other players.
– Communication on all levels. Success and failure. It is important,to communicate on what you have done, and the corresponding result. If not, your teammates will replicate your efforts and waste time.
-Everyone makes a difference. Each member of your time is an integral part of the success of your adventure. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

What you will discover at Echappe Toi:

– A fun and welcoming environment for your entire experience, our goal is to ensure we create an unforgettable escape experience. We strongly encourage client feedback. We love to hear what our clients have to say about our scenarios and business.
– Our professional actors play one or more characters within the game. They are responsible for the experience of our clients. Client play and engage with the Game Masters, who accompany you throughout your adventure. Upon completion of the experience they will provide a débrief where they help you to understand and interpret your actions during the game room. You can also see our team at various theatres in Montreal.
– We are a team of 35 people in Montreal, 25 in Bordeaux (in France), and all the employees of Echappe Toi take part in the creation of the new scenarios. We are expanding into Boston will open in February 2017, and have franchise opportunities available in North America and Europe.