1580, La Petite Hermine began a new journey on the St. Lawrence. Before the departure of Jacques Cartier in 1536, the Iroquois tribe of Hochelaga took possession of the ship that was abandoned by the explorer to make the journey back.

Huron troops want to take control of this huge waterway, and so they attack the Iroquois tribe of Hochelaga. The village chief ordered the evacuation and entrusts his relatives and the “treasure” of the village to the healer, his great counselor. At the helm of La Petite Hermine, the healer begins his mission, with the chief leaving to protect their escape and slow down the advance of the Huron troops.

The trip was taking place peacefully towards new lands until the ship collided with the indomitable rapids of the Sault St. Louis [Lachine Rapids]. With the hull of the ship severely damaged, the crew and the families are forced to abandon the boat quickly if they do not want to sink with it and perish. They have no more than one hour to save the treasure of the tribe and take shelter from the Huron assailants which are already piercing the defenses erected by the warriors of the village.

Can you and your team save the treasure of the village of Hochelaga before it is too late and desappears forever?

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