1838. The prison of the “Pied-du-Courant” of Montreal is a true fortress from which no one has ever escaped. One man vanished from his cell, but was never found, Charles de Chambly.

2017. The prison of “Pied-du-Courant” of Montreal is now a museum preserving the stories of this notorious penitentiary.Each evening, Dominic, a museum guard, who obsessed by the history of the prison and the infamous escape of Charles de Chambly, secretly locks up the late night visitors in the exact cell occupied by Charles de Chambley. Driven by his madness, Dominic tries to recreate the events of that mysterious evening in order to solve this historical escape.

Will you be able to escape from the prison and the insanity of Dominic by recalling the steps of Charles de Chambly?You have one hour to write history!

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