The year is 2000: The Black Heirs Mob family has risen to complete power in Montreal’s Underworld.

Despite their extensive network of political and police protection, the Canadian Secret service is determined to end their criminal rule by closing the bank that allows them to launder their money and hide confidential information. This information is one of the key elements that can lead to the total abolishment of their illicit activities.

You are professional thieves, the most elite in Montreal. The Canadian Secret service knows that you wish to return to a normal life and end your days of crime. The Canadian Secret service offers you a contract, the last heist of your career, BRAKE the bank of Black Heirs in exchange for your criminal record to be completely erased.

A unique opportunity has arisen as the Canadian Secret service has learned that a significant transfer of cash will occur at midnight tonight. It’s 10:59 pm. You have 1 hour to rob the bank and swindle the mob and clear your name. Is your best going to be good enough? It’s twice as fun to rob the mob!

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