Saturday evening, June 18th, 1938. Festival sounds dance through the streets of Montreal, otherwise known as the capital of Sin City. The Tripot, a popular illegal bar on St. Lawrence avenue, known for its variety shows, humorous cabarets, and soft swing music where customers come to dance all night. As famous theatre, The Tripot has been suspected of facilitating games of chances and illegal gambling. The owner has been questioned on several occasions by police. He denies all the charges against him notwithstanding all the evidence provided by an undercover informant. This evening, a famous group of jazz musicians from Montreal, The Ace of Spades, are performing at The Tripot, while the police noose is tightening around the owner. Hopefully the investigation will not ruin the evening! You have one hour before police officers arrive with their warrant. Are you able to find the undercover informant in order to escape the police officers and save your evening at the Tripot? Together with your team, you have 60 minutes to solve the mysterious disappearances before misfortune strikes again!

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