Montreal, 1972. Québec is mourning the death of Elise Melançon, the famous TV host who has been murdered in the TV Champlain studios. This tragedy led to the closure of the station and marked the beginning of one of the longest investigation in Québec history. This murder was finally solved more than forty years later, in 2016. The outcome of the case received a wide media exposure, leading to a renewed interest for the TV station that has been closed for such a long time.

Taking advantage of this sudden enthusiasm, Mr Beaulieu conceived a great plan: to reopen of the TV Champlain studios. Unfortunately, the media landscape in Québec has changed a lot since the 70’s, and finding funds proved to be more difficult than expected. Mr Beaulieu finally managed to appeal to some major investors, after having put almost all of his own savings in the project. Improvement work can now be started, but regular budget cuts keep postponing the project.

Several weeks later, investors start losing patience and give Mr Beaulieu an ultimatum: they are coming to take a look at the studios, and if everything isn’t perfectly working in one hour, at their arrival, they will withdraw themselves from the project.

Mr Beaulieu has to find urgently a solution, and hires you and your expert technical team in order to make the station function again in no time. Some strategic choices await you!

Will you manage to make sure that TV Champlain gets its former glory back on time ?

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