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2 people


45 minutes

Adult Price

$25/pers. + tx

Student Price

$22/pers. + tx

Escape from a ship!

Do you know the story of Pier Palaboul? The famous pirate who only took his orders from the legendary Blackbeard, one of the most notorious pirates in history. In this brand new escape game, with the help of Pier Palaboul and his hazardous indications, you will have to find the treasure and escape from the ship before the hour is up.

Your mission among the pirates

Blackbeard and his crew are searching for the Island of Suprisia. During the course of their voyage, their ship, the Dasuru, is swept away by a terrible storm that batters the boat and its crew.
The entire crew is fighting to maintain the vessel’s course while the storm is raging through. They desperately try to avoid being submerged by the roaring ocean. After a long day and an entire night of work, the sea finally calms. It is at this moment that the crew sees, just on the horizon, the island they were searching for.
After a final bit of work, the Dasuru and Blackbeard’s crew finally set anchor on the beautiful beaches of Surprisia. This island has a fitting name as they rapidly find an amazing treasure. This treasure, however, drove Blackbeard and most of the crew that accompanied him into madness.
Pier Palaboul is the only pirate that managed to escape from the island. He met you and shared his story. Or at least what he remembers of it. With his advise, you find the island of Surprisia. After some additional research, you also find Blackbeard’s ship. You now have 60 minutes to find the Pirate’s treasure and escape with him.
Will you be able to escape from this room?

For who is the game destined

Echappe-Toi Montreal conceived the game "Pirate Duo" for couples that wish to play together. It’s therefore as a pair that you will discover this escape room and attempt to solve the enigmas in order to escape. Just the 2 of you without game master!

Additional Information

Infos about pirates, notably Blackbeard

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